Fire Risk Assessment

This fire risk assessment course is a level 3 qualification which provides the knowledge and skills required for those undertaking fire risk assessments in a low risk

Key Course Information

2 days duration

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What's it about?

This  fire risk assessment is ideally suited to any responsible person in charge of a building including directors, managers, supervisors, landlords and letting agents as well as members of the security industry who wish to have a better understanding and working knowledge of current legislation.

Current Fire Legislation puts the onus on employers as the responsible person to assess and respond to fire safety risks and this qualification will help organisations to meet their responsibilities under this legislation by providing training in how to conduct a fire risk assessment in a low- or normal-risk premises, how to organise and implement a fire risk assessment programme or contribute to an existing programme, how to participate in the identification of specific fire safety training needs through fire risk assessment and assisting employers in meeting legal requirements and promote improved standards of fire safety in their workplace

Where will I learn?

Learn in a realistic training environment

Fires can occur almost anywhere within the workplace, so, why not learn in a realistic environment which includes a staff room with kitchenette and office environment; no more having to imagine a fictitious setting!

Whether discussing potential risks or taking part in a scenario with smoke and simulated fire, the realistic nature of the environment aides the learning process as well as making for more active and engaging training.

Where will I learn?

Learn using modern and sophisticated equipment

At The Practical Training Hub, it isn’t just the venue that’s cutting edge. A selection of simulated injures, technology and fire rigs as well as actors can be utilised to create an even more practical, engaging and beneficial training session.

Learning about fire and especially how to put it out without actually having the opportunity to do it is like learning to surf using online videos, you might understand the theory, however, you can’t understand the ‘feel’ of what is required.

What will i learn?

This qualification provides knowledge and skills for those undertaking fire risk assessments in a low risk workplace to assist in ensuring an employer is compliant with the law and includes:

  • Understand how a fire risk assessment can contribute to a safer work environment
  • Understand the principles of a fire risk assessment
  • Complete a fire risk assessment of a work environment
  • Complete a fire risk assessment report

Training can also be tailored to a business’s specific set-up around aspects such as what equipment you use, the type of materials you regularly deal with and which fire safety equipment you have on-site.

All fire courses can include the opportunity to experience tackling a real fire with live fire extinguishers; all under the control of an experienced trainer.

Course information

How long is the course?

The content of this training is taught over 7 hours and is therefore delivered over one day.

Time is set aside during the course for a suitable number of breaks. Participants are welcome to bring their own snacks/lunch or enjoy a variety of hot or cold food and refreshments at our on-site café.

Do I need any prerequisites?

Learners must be at least 18 years old on the first day of training.

There are no other formal entry requirements but to benefit from the learning we advise that learners have a minimum of Level 1 in literacy or numeracy or equivalent.

Themed environment

Training is carried out at a purpose built training site with multiple themed rooms and an outdoor compound

Experienced trainers

Courses are delivered by those with hands on experience including current and retired members of the fire and rescue service.

On-site or off-site

Training can be carried out on our premises or at your own venue if you wish. Please get in touch to discuss.