Level 3 Award for First Responders

Key Course Information

18 hours duration

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What's it about?

This qualification is aimed at those who require a more advanced level of competence and first aid knowledge.

provides an advanced level of competence in First Aid and is seen by many as being the ‘next step’ for those who have attended a first aid at work, however, require further training.

develop the skills and knowledge needed to deal with a range of first aid situations, including: assessing an incident, managing an unresponsive casualty, CPR, heart attacks, choking, head and spinal injuries, fractures, anaphylaxis and more.

Who's it for?

This qualification provides a solid foundation for the learner to be competent to deal with a wide range of medical and trauma situations in the prehospital environment and is suitable for a variety of individuals including event first aiders, close protection operatives (this qualification is recognised by the Security Industries Authority), expedition leaders and those working overseas or in remote areas such as journalists, film Crews, aid workers as well as Community Responders in the UK and those working within high risk work environments including offshore workers.

Where will I learn?

Learn in a realistic training environment

Accidents don’t happen in the classroom, so why train in one! Why not learn to deal with people involved in car accidents in our compound using real vehicles, learn about burns and how to manage them in the kitchen and practice CPR in a confined and busy office environment.

We have a range of environments to provide the most realistic training possible.

What equipment will I use?

Learn using some of the most advanced equipment available

At The Practical Training Hub, it isn’t just the venue that’s cutting edge. A selection of simulated injures, technology and advanced electronic manikins as well as actors can be utilised to create an even more practical, engaging and beneficial training session.

Resuscitation manikins can not only provide you with the opportunity to practice the lifesaving skill of CPR, however, they can also provide instant visual feedback on depth and rate of compression’s as well as how effective ventilation’s are!

What will i learn

During this half day course, Learners will be given the opportunity to practise essential basic life support procedures, including: assessing an incident, managing an unresponsive casualty, recovery position, CPR and choking.

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of a first responder
  • Understand the principles of scene management
  • Know how to minimise the risk to oneself due to poor manual handling techniques
  • Be able to undertake basic casualty assessment and monitoring
  • Be able to assess and manage a casualty who is unresponsive
  • Be able to support a casualty with suitable airway management techniques
  • Be able to recognise and manage a casualty with a minor injury
  • Be able to manage a casualty who has a catastrophic bleed
  • Know how to recognise and manage a casualty who is in shock
  • Know how to recognise and manage common trauma related injuries
  • Know how to recognise and manage a range of medical emergencies
  • Know how to recognise and manage a casualty affected by heat or cold
  • Be able to perform basic life support procedures on a paediatric casualty

Course information

How long is the course?

The content of this training is delivered over four days.

Time is set aside during the course for a suitable number of breaks. Participants are welcome to bring their own snacks/lunch or enjoy a variety of hot or cold food and refreshments at our on-site café.

Do I need any prerequisites?

No, you do not require any prior knowledge, experience or qualifications to attend this training.

Themed environment

Training is carried out at a purpose built training site with multiple themed rooms and an outdoor compound

Real instructors

Courses are delivered by those with hands on experience such as Paramedics, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

On-site or off-site

Training can be carried out on our premises or at your own venue if you wish. Please get in touch to discuss.