The Practical Training Hub


Confucius (a famous philosopher) once said:

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

When it comes to training, the sentiment behind this quote is exactly what drives our training approach and why we strive to deliver active, practical and engaging training.


What is The Practical Training Hub?

To achieve our ambition of providing the very best active and practical training courses, Diverse Coaching have created the Practical Training Hub; a 3500 square foot training venue in Newport South Wales.

The site itself has everything you would expect from a training location including ample free parking, toilets a cafe and seated area for between sessions and several training rooms, however, it also has a custom built multi-room training environment with multiple themed rooms including a staff room with kitchenette, office, bathroom, workspace, corridors and outdoor compound; all to provide the most realistic, engaging and practical training available!

We have also teamed up with another like minded company called Infinite Training Solution’s to extend the depth and breath or qualifications, training and awareness courses so that The Practical Training Hub can be a ‘one stop shop’ for all of your training needs.

Accidents and emergencies don’t happen in the classroom, so why train in one!

Learn or practice in a unique and realistic training environment

Regardless of the training that you are undertaking, its fair to say that no one wants to sit in front of a trainer reading from power point, however, with training often delivered from a ‘standard’ classroom with limited ‘break out’ rooms/spaces, unfortunately, this is often what is delivered.

Our 3500 square feet facility is spread over two floors and houses our custom built training ‘house’ with multiple themed rooms including a staff room with kitchenette, office, bathroom, workspace crawl spaces, corridors and more.

Do we still use a classroom, of course we do, however, only when it is the best way for conveying the information that learners need, as the rest of the time, we utilise the realistic training environments which more closely mimic the real world situations that you may be in when your training is needed the most.

Outdoor training compound

In addition to the large indoor themed training environment, there is also a secure and private outdoor compound which is perfect for bringing a variety of outdoor training to life.

This space is ideal for staging a variety of accidents and incidents, either for learners to consider and discuss rather than have to imagine, or, more often than not, to allow for active participation! The compound also has dedicated training vehicles to allow for scenarios involving vehicles as well as providing an open space to allow for gas fire rigs to be used for fire extinguisher training!

Watch and listen, from a distance

The facility is equipped with audio and visual recording abilities which can be viewed live in a control room by a trainer or other participants and facilitates visual self-analysis and/or critical examination after a set task has been undertaken. This media can also be provided to take away after the session for further review or evidence of competence.

There is also the option to change the audio and visual environment within the facility by reducing lighting levels, having flashing and/or strobe lighting, a variety of background noises and even smoke and/or pyrotechnics; all to make training as realistic and varied as possible.

Everything you need

Training rooms

For when a training room is required, there are several training/meeting rooms to provide a modern environment to learn in with large screen TV’s to allow for visual presentations and videos material to be shown.

Onsite cafe

When not engaged in training, its great to have access to a completely different space to allow for ‘down time’. With the onsite cafe and seating area, you can not only access a different space to unwind, but also be provided with a selection of hot and cold food and drink.

Free parking

Parking, like oxygen, often isn’t important until there isn’t any, however, with designated customer parking directly outside the venue within a large free car park, there is plenty of space for those attending any event.