The Practical Training Hub


Confucius (a famous philosopher) once said:

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

When it comes to training, the sentiment behind this quote is exactly what drives us! We strive to provide an active, practical and engaging training environment to help create the best trained and most confident individuals possible .


What is The Practical Training Hub?

The Practical Training Hub was created to provide and facilitate realistic and ‘life like’ training so that attendees do not have to ‘imagine’ an instructor described environment/ situation, instead, they can be immersed within an environment especially created to be as close to the ‘real thing’ as can be achieved.

We truly believe that face to face training in realistic environments is the best way for not only participants to learn, but also for them to feel confident, so, it is our ambition to facilitate some of the most interactive and realistic face to face training in the country, regardless of the level of training.

Learn or practice in a realistic training environment

Regardless of the training that you are undertaking, its fair to say that no one wants to sit in front of a trainer reading from power point, however, with training often delivered from a ‘standard’ classroom with limited ‘break out’ rooms/spaces, unfortunately, this is often what is delivered.

We use a variety of training venues as well as sites available to the participants along with a variety of equipment including lights of different colours, flashing and strobing lights, smoke and even pyrotechnics (depending on the training and training requirements) all to provide the most realistic, engaging and practical training available!

Outdoor training compound

Training indoors in the warm is great, however, more often than not, its also very beneficial to get outside regardless of what the Great British weather has to offer! It might not seem like a lot, however, practicing outdoors, on different surfaces, in different weather conditions adds an extra layer of realism to training and helps to make more confident and capable individuals.

Watch and listen, from a distance

Dependant on the training being undertaken and the training environment being used, we are also able to provide a range of recording devices as well as specialist glasses (which meet EN166:2001 protective eye ware standards) which not only record everything which is said, however, will also record exactly what the participant is looking at; these glasses even allow for the camera to be positioned just above the individuals dominant eye, therefore allowing the capture of the view from the participants own perspective.

All of this media can be not only be recorded for review at a later stage, however, it can also be wirelessly transmitted to an onsite control room to allow the trainer or other participants the ability to view in real time what is happening and what the individual/s wearing the glasses are looking at.  This addition to training facilitates visual self-analysis and/or critical examination after a set task has been undertaken and media can also be provided to take away after the session for further review or evidence of competence

Meet the team

We are constantly investing in our venue and equipment and aim to provide an outstanding customer experience and always try to be as open and transparent as possible. We want those who we deal with us to not only know our name, but also what we look like and a little about us; this is so that you know exactly who you are dealing with.

Meet TJ

TJ has a wealth of knowledge and experience within the outdoor pursuits sector and the outdoors in general through working for the largest outdoor educational provider in Europe as the Chief Instructor for their flag ship centre, working for the British Canoe Union as a Local Coaching Organiser as well as the Institute of Outdoor Learning as an internal verifier; helping to develop outdoor practitioners. In addition to his outdoor experience, TJ has held several senior management roles both within the outdoor industry as well as in his spare time where he volunteers for the Marine Society and Sea Cadets where he leads the South West Area paddlesports management team; responsible for helping roughly 4000 volunteers and cadets become active within paddle sports.

TJ has also attended Worcester University where he completed an FdSC in Paramedic Science, qualifying him as a Paramedic. Since qualifying, TJ has worked for a number of years for the South Western Ambulance Service as well as being an active first aid trainer; passing on his knowledge and experience in a pragmatic and practical way.

Meet Laura

Laura has been involved in the outdoors and especially paddlesports since she was 10 as a flat water kayaking; starting off as a racer as a way of keeping fit and making new friends but then competing in sprint K1, K2 and K4 as well as marathon K1 and K2 at a national level and achieved many medals and trophies as well as becoming a national champion in her class in K1 500m.

Laura worked for many years as an instructor, head of stores and assistant chief instructor for the largest outdoor educational provider in Europe and also volunteers with the Marine Society and Sea Cadets where she provides activities to children aged 10-18.

Not just a training facilitator

Diverse Coaching Ltd

Diverse Coaching Ltd is the company behind The Practical Training Hub, however, we also have two great leisure activities which are great for families, friends, groups and corporate team building, these are R.A.P.T.O.R and Alpha Ops.


This is the UK’s first known electronic interactive paintball range which uses ‘magazine fed’ paintball markers to create a realistic, fun and competitive shooting activity without the dangers of using ‘live’ ammunition or the pain normally associated with paintball.

Alpha Ops