Interactive Target System

Our Advanced Target System can be utilised in a variety of ways by organisations and groups who use and train with firearms. They are designed to be used with a variety of projectiles including simunition and those fired from paintball guns and/or air soft weapons; all to create an interactive and enhanced training experience.


A modern training solution

When training on a shooting range, paper targets allow for shooters and the instructor to know exactly where a round was fired, however, when operating in a dynamic environment requiring both speed and accuracy, paper targets only provide information relating to the accuracy.

We utilise a sophisticated electronic target system and sensors which can be mounted within a variety of target silhouettes as well as on doorways and entrances anywhere within a training environment to provide objective and quantifiable data; with times measured to the millisecond and no stopwatch in sight!

All of our equipment is designed to be used with a range of training projectiles and can produce reports for analysis which include reaction times, times to engage targets from entering rooms, time between first engagement of target and target being eliminated as well as overall times to complete set objectives. All of this is done automatically, without the need for participants to carry out any additional actions and without the need for a stopwatch.

Train smarter, not harder

The system can be used either with or without visual ques to provide users with immediate feedback when targets are hit and can also be set to illuminate in a variety of colours as well as multiple times. This therefore allows for a variety of potential scenarios to be created which can require participants to process what they are seeing and decide what action to take depending on the briefing they have received; similar to what they would have to do in real world situations. The interactive system is wireless which therefore allows for excellent force on target training as well as the addition of as many or as few targets as required.

Our advanced targets can be set up quickly and easily at any venue in the UK or Worldwide after consultation with your organisations training team and a brief regarding the desired outcomes; this therefore turns every environment into a high tech interactive training facility. Organisations not only receive quantifiable data, however, the system can also help to improve:

  • Decision making under stress
  • Cognitive processing
  • Central and peripheral awareness
  • Dynamic movement

More data at your fingertips

Example data which could be provided includes:

  • Time hallway entered
  • Time of first engagement of target 1
  • Time to eliminate target 1
  • Time room A entered
  • Time of first engagement of target 2
  • Time to eliminate target 2
  • Time of first engagement of target 3
  • Time to eliminate target 3
  • Time room A exited
  • Time room B entered
  • Time of first engagement of target 4
  • Time to eliminate target 4
  • Time room B exited
  • Time hallway exited

Get a close up

Dependant on the exact training being undertaken, the training environment and the projectiles being used, we are also able to provide specialist glasses (which meet EN166:2001 protective eye ware standards) which not only record anything which is said, however, will also record exactly what the participant is looking at; these glasses even allow for the camera to be positioned just above the shooters dominant eye, therefore allowing the capture of the view directly down the weapons sights, from the participants own perspective.

All of this media can be not only be recorded for review at a later stage, however, it can also be wirelessly transmitted to an onsite control room to allow the trainer or other participants the ability to view in real time what is happening and what the individual/s wearing the glasses are looking at.

The advanced nature of the system can provide the ability to:

  • Analysis of a group’s effectiveness at a set point. This could include include the analysis of a team’s performance before and after an intense period of training, after an incident or after new members have joined a team.
  • Objectively analyse the time effectiveness of different methods of room clearance including experimental methods.
  • Analyse individual’s performance at any given time. This could be used as part of an ongoing assessment of an individual’s ability, after an injury/incident, as part of their continual development and/or as part of a selection process to assess suitability for future training.

Dependant on the exact equipment used, the level of data required and the complexity of the training environment, a degree of data can be provided immediately on completion of the exercise, or our technician can analyse the data and produce a more detailed report shortly after; this can be in as little as 10 minutes.

Make training even more effective

Set up at your location

Already have a training venue or specific environment that you want to train in, no problem, just let us know when and where!

A mobile solution

Our advanced electronic target system can be quickly and easily set up at any venue to create an interactive training facility.

A variety of training weapons

Don’t have your own training weapons? Don’t worry, we have a range of equipment depending on your requirements.

Room clearance training without weapons just doesn’t work, which is why we also have access to a variety of training weapons including: