When people generally think of paintball guns, most think of a group of friends running around the woods shooting at each other, however, recognising the military, law enforcement and private armed security requirement for high end training, manufacturers have created advanced training weapons which use compressed air or co2 to fire frangible projectiles and are therefore also fall within the classification of being a a paintball marker.

Paintball has evolved........

We believe that modern, advanced paintball markers take the positive training aspects of specialist training systems such as Simunition as well  more commonly available equipment such as airsoft and puts these benefits into one piece of equipment. This combination provides a training system which is available to those who do not have access to live fire weapons or those who do, however, want to reduce the cost from using more expensive munitions.

The kinetic energy transfer at impact from a paintball marker can be from around 5 to as much as 12 joules (depending on the exact marker and projectile used); compared to the much lower transfer of around 2 joules from an Airsoft weapon. This difference means that people are far more concerned with being hit by a paintball and therefore act in a much more realistic manner when fired upon; making paintball guns ideal for force on force training or those requiring a realistic training weapon which discharges a projectile.

But paintball markers don’t look, feel or behave anything like real firearms………….or do they?.

Although no paintball marker could provide the recoil or olfactory sense associated with the use of a real firearm, there are a variety of markers that are 1:1 replicas and include weapons where the slide on a pistols locks back when the magazine is empty, cartridge ejecting pump action shotguns, bolts on rifles that remain back after the last round is fired and have a forward assist, working dust covers, charging handles and even rifles which eject shells from the ejection port and which can fire both semi and fully automatic.

They say that seeing is believing, so believe us when we say that below is a selection of paintball markers that we can provide to ensure the most realistic close range training with ‘pain penalties’ which are recognised in helping participants to train for the real situation.


When people think about paintballs, most people think of the ‘standard’ paintball which they may have seen or used at paintball sites across the country which is round and filled with a brightly coloured paint. As paintball markers have developed over the years to provide a more realistic training environment, so to have the projectiles that they can fire. There are now a variety of projectiles which can be used in three standard dimensions; providing even greater options for professional training and include:

Standard Paintballs

These are the standard paintballs which come in .43, .50 and .68 calibre and are made using biodegradable, non-toxic, and food-grade ingredients. They come in a variety of shell and fill colours and ‘break’ open when the hit a semi solid object; leaving the internal fill to clearly mark what has been hit.

These paintballs are therefore excellent for when you need a marking round and are operating in an environment where some residual mess is not an issue.

Clear Paintballs

These paintballs exactly the same as standard paintballs, however, the fill and often the shell as well are filled with a food grade clear liquid which shows where the round hit on close inspection, but has the advantage of being more easily cleaned from equipment/walls etc.

These are great for when you don’t want or can’t have the mess of paint and particularly useful for when using our force on target training system.

Powder Balls

These balls come in .43 and .68 calibre and are made from completely inert materials. They have a hard outer shell which breaks open to release a powder core on impact and leave a small amount of powder on solid objects when hit.

This means that these projectiles are perfect for force on target training; especially indoors as both the shell and dust can be hoovered up after training.

Get in touch and see how we can help

Dependant on the exact requirements of the training and considering the need for realism, the location being used and budget, the equipment used can be varied to meet exacting requirements. We are able to utilise a variety of pyrotechnic, non-pyrotechnic and blank fire munitions to accommodate these requirements as well as to comply with different organisations safety requirements. All of the equipment that we use is tested by the manufacturers to comply with various safety regulations for use within the United Kingdom and is operated by trained and insured individuals. With the range of realistic and immersive equipment that we are able to provide, we believe we offer excellent opportunities to increase the realism of a variety of training.
If you train with firearms or offer experiences where realistic and firing weapons and/or pyrotechnics could help improve the realism and quality of training, please message or call to discuss your requirements and how we may be able to assist.