Self Defence

Our Multi-room training environment is similar to what the emergency services and military use to train individuals in a variety of techniques and skills. It is a life like training ‘house’ with multiple themed rooms including a staff room with kitchenette, office, bathroom, workspace, corridors and outdoor compound; all to provide the most realistic, engaging and practical training available.

Learn or practice in a unique environment

Regardless of whether you are learning Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu or Karate, the fundamental aspect of training is to prepare you for a time when you may need to rely on the techniques and skills you have learnt for real!

Our 3500 square feet facility is perfect for honing those skills in a variety of realistic environments. Our facility is spread over two floors with meeting/ training rooms, toilets, café and seating area, storage, office as well as our custom built training ‘house’ with multiple themed rooms including a staff room with kitchenette, office, bathroom, workspace crawl spaces and corridors.

When learning how to apply self defence tactics to use within a vehicle, understandably, training is often limited to ‘slow time’ drills so as not to cause damage to the vehicle or set off the air bags!

In addition to our indoor training environments, there is also a private and secure outdoor compound with training vehicles. This allows for training to happen at the speed and intensity that training should be delivered at without the worry about damaging someone’s personnel car or an airbag accidently deploying!

Watch & listen....from a distance

The facility is equipped with audio and visual recording abilities which can be viewed live in a control room by a trainer or other participants and facilitates visual self-analysis and/or critical examination after a set task has been undertaken. This media can also be provided to take away after the session for further review or evidence of competence.

There is also the option to change the audio and visual environment within the facility by reducing lighting levels, having flashing and/or strobe lighting, a variety of background noises and even smoke and/or pyrotechnics; all to make training as realistic and varied as possible.

Get a close up

To provide an even greater degree of visual and audio analysis of performance, participants can also be supplied with specialist glasses which not only record anything which is said, however, will also record exactly what the participant is looking at and can even have the camera positioned just above the individual’s dominant eye. All of this media can be not only be recorded for review, however, it can also be transmitted wirelessly to our control room to allow the trainer a real time view of what is being seen and said by the individual/s wearing the glasses.

Everything you need

Training rooms

Two meeting/training rooms are also available onsite which can be booked on their own or are included when the whole venue is booked.

Onsite cafe

We also have an onsite cafe to not only provide hot and cold food and drink, but also a separate space away from the training environment to allow for ‘down time’.

Free parking

With designated customer parking directly outside the venue within a large free car park, there is plenty of space for those attending any event.